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This is not a review on haircuts but on the "online" check-in. Last Saturday I did the online check in. It gives me a time to be there. I start driving and get a call saying my stylist is ready early. I tell them I will be there in 5 minutes. They say "OK". I get there. I get there and sign in and wait and wait and wait. The stylist had taken another person and after waiting 25 minutes I had to leave. OK. So I try it again. I check in online. it says 25 minutes. It gives me a suggested time. I arrive at that time and the board on the wall says it will be 28 more minutes. Am I missing something here? The stylist had again taken another client even though I arrived at the time I was told by the online check in. I get that it is an online check in and not an online appointment but setting expectations and then extending them another 30 minutes is poor customer service. I would even say worst customer service than no online check in. I am sure the stylist are being pressured to do as many haircuts as possible. But not waiting for 5 minutes will tick off a lot of customer like me. I'll find somewhere else.

5 rating

Best service, best haircut, I feel like family the minute I walk in the door!! Wow!!

5 rating

Every time I've been here I feel welcomed nd everything gets cut exactly how I like it also Gary in the other review sounds like an ass so 5 stars

Rated 3.7 out of 5.0 based on 3 Client reviews